Creating Powerful Experiences with Lasting Impact.

Museums, Memorials, and Discovery Centers

You might wonder what do museums, memorials and a discovery center have in common. The answer – TALA Teams and technology.  The common thread through all the sites is the creation of powerful experiences and TALA is the team that helped make it happen.  TALA teams provide technical development and implementation to create the overwhelming success of these one of a kind facility/experience.

Connecting People, Information, and Training 

The Gateway

A unique community resource providing meeting space, broadband access, training, and programs for young and old. The facility’s design and technologies encourages and improves collaboration, networking, learning, and training for businesses, individuals, educators,  and civic organizations. The Gateway is combination digital library, technology hub, and community center organized to accommodate multiple simultaneous meetings and events. Each year the Gateway serves over 12,000 guests and manages more than 650 programs and events.


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